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Falling for the Cowboy💜||Review

*No Spoilers ahead. Just a promise of sexy photo's with a snazzy review!* I made my way back to the Circle B Ranch and fell completely in love with Colton and Presleys story in Falling for the Cowboy. With a glimpse of Colton in Keeping Him, I knew a bit of what I was getting… Continue reading Falling for the Cowboy💜||Review

“Romance” Reviews · Books

Falling for the Bad Boy 💙||Review

When you think of a ”bad boy”, you see tattoos, piercings, and most likely muscles. That's Ethan Rochester. What I personally didn't expect was that he is a potter. After reading a bit into his first chapter though and really visualizing that stereotype guy with his hand molding clay, it's actually hot! The authors do… Continue reading Falling for the Bad Boy 💙||Review