Just who am I?

Once there was a lady named Tracy,

She had hair like a mermaid,

Some believed she belonged to the ocean,

Others never knew her true intentions,

Tracy kept quietly to herself and lived in the land of fairytales….

Yeah, that woman spoken about above is me. I’ve taken way to long to actually write an ‘About Me’ for this blog. You’ve all read my book reviews and other ramblings, so I figured I’d finally give you the det’s about myself. I’m a woman in her late twenties (this pains me to say) who is trying to figure out where she belongs in this wonderful life. I’m now married to my soul mate. We’ve been together nine years as of June twenty eighth, twenty nineteen. We’re both at that point to where we want to find out what we should be doing that makes us happy, and makes up money at the same time. But ultimately, we just want to be happy.

As for me I’ve sort of found that in the world of books. I’m currently working on my first novel. Which is so exciting! I do have a publisher, so yes it’s serious! I’m nervous but over all excited to be called an author! I can’t wait to add that title among my others as a blogger, manager (at my day job), wife, Etsy owner, and cat mom!  Besides that I want to leave it up to you guys on what else I tell you about myself. In the comments below give me a question and I’ll add it to this post with my answer!

To end this, I hope you stick around and follow my journey!