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New Book Rating Meter

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve been taking some time to catch up on my Etsy shop and reading so I’ve been a bit more quiet then normal on here. I’m back today with some news of a new book rating meter. I’ve branch from reading mostly young adult novels into romance novels. When it comes to romance novels there are several aspects certain people look for. I’ve even caught myself doing that. So whether you like more sexual/smut stuff, or maybe a good plot line, I’ve made a meter to give you a better idea of where it falls.

Steamy Scale: this will show you just how much sexual content it will have, along with if it’s hot it is. With this particular one, I will be giving a number along with mediocre/hot/spicy.

Romance Scale: I believe there’s only one way to rate romance here so you will see a number from 1-10. 1 at very terrible or 10 at great romance.

Plot Scale: This basically explains itself. I do read more along the lines of erotica from time to time so this will come in handy for folks who like that with a story lines.

**All of my previous reviews (before June 14, 2019) will still have the basic ratings. Everything after will be following the one above.

I do plan to add this at the top of my blog for any authors who may want me to review their book or for an example for future bloggers. I do not consider myself a pro at blogging but I have been around for around 5-6 years now.

Wrapping this up, I do hope you stick around and follow me on social media for future updates!


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