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“Hard Core”||Review

I finished this book about a week ago and it left me with a headache. Why? I couldn’t figure out how to put my words together for this review.

This is my first read from this author. I love a lot of romance books. I can always find the good with them. This book left me unsure.

“I mean, your tattooed, gorgeous porn-movie co-star isn’t exactly who you’d imagine being your knight in shining white armor. And yet, here he is.”

-Hard Core by Madison Faye

In the beginning, you meet Dylan. Dylan’s found himself in a bit of trouble with an underground mafia of sorts in Vegas. He was hired to work for them and another “hired hand” ended up dead on the job Dylan was sent to do. All the blame was focused on Dylan. What’s the price he’s having to pay for this blow up? Just to star in a porno. Especially since he has a “legend” between his legs.

His co-star is Rose. She was the daughter of the dead hired hands girlfriend. Rose loathes her mom’s boyfriend and isn’t surprised when she finds out what went down. Unfortunately, the mafia (we’ll call them that for now) has taken Rose prisoner. Rose is the virgin that Dylan is suppose to de-flower in said porno.

My Rating 3/5

Why? I couldn’t get behind this story. I believe the consistency of it turned me away. Knowing a woman is suppose to have her virginity taken unwilling just isn’t a turn on for me at all. When I read romance I read it for the story mostly. Yes, the sex is nice but I’m all about a good story behind the sex. This one just… didn’t sit well. This is the first book in a series. I don’t believe I’ll finish the series though..

On to Kennedy Fox’s newest book!!


2 thoughts on ““Hard Core”||Review

  1. Ew! You’d think modern romance/erotica novels would pay more attention to the consent aspect. LOL at the main male character having to star in an adult film because he botched his criminal activities up, though. That’s got to be the weirdest punishment for supposedly getting one of your thug cohorts killed ever. 😀

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