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Whiskey Girl🥃 ||Review

My heart always loves a book with a southern gentleman. Whiskey Girl was just that. But keep reading there’s definitely more to the story..

Hell yes, I’d been scared then, but not of the liquid in that bottle. Scared of the hellfire and brimstone that was her. – Whiskey Girl – Fallon

I hadn’t heard of the author Adriane Leigh until she’d popped up on a couple awesome bookstagrammers accounts that I follow. (Shoutout to @colbyzbooks & @brookelovesbrewandbooks) The cover and title simply caught my interest because I love whiskey. I can honestly say I wasn’t ready for what the book contained though.

“She was silky and sensual, smoky on the lips, warm on the tongue, smooth on the way down.  She was whiskey.  And I was hooked.” –Whiskey Girl – Fallon

Whiskey Girl follows a woman by the name of Augusta Belle Branson and a handsome man named Fallen Gentry. When you first meet the two, Augusta is at the young age of fifteen. Fallon, a few years older, discovers her about to jump from a bridge high above water, without the care of surviving the fall. The two characters quickly reveal that Augusta’s home life isn’t so great, and Fallon is her saving grace.

“You may be a lady now, Augusta Belle, but you’ll always be my whiskey girl.” – Whiskey Girl – Fallon

The message within this book is definitely rough to hear but so good. Life never hands us all a perfect hand of cards, some worse then others. The trick is how you handle it. Fallon and Augusta are ripped apart at a young age to the point anger has settled in the both of them. The best part is that they both know their meant for each other, it’s just a matter of reconciliation from why they lost each other.

My Rating 10/10

Why? I love the way Adriane wrote the lovemaking this book holds. It’s very well written through and through but to put a story like it has in with sex scenes, sometimes makes you forget what the characters are doing. Not this book. You feel it all!


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