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Falling for the Cowboy💜||Review

*No Spoilers ahead. Just a promise of sexy photo’s with a snazzy review!*

I made my way back to the Circle B Ranch and fell completely in love with Colton and Presleys story in Falling for the Cowboy. With a glimpse of Colton in Keeping Him, I knew a bit of what I was getting into. It’s hard for a woman to resist a good southern man though. Trust me, I married one. Lets just say he’s my Colton in real life.

Colton Langston is a ranch hand who give horseback riding lessons for the guest at the B&B. He’s your stereotypical cowboy, with a twist. He can cook! (You’ll see that later on.) But Coltons still mending a broken heart when he meets our lovely Presley.

Presley Willams is a professional photographer and bookstagrammer. She’s recently made her way to Texas to snap some authentic cowboy photo’s for her Instagram. Her first day there she meets Colton who quickly becomes her muse and with his good looks added on top of her photography skills, she builds her Instagram popularity up a lot. All thanks to the mysterious Cowboy Casanova. *cue Carrie Underwood* Unlike her song though, Colton isn’t the “wham bam thank ya ma’am” type. He actually is surprised of the impression our Presley leaves on him after day one.

My Rating 10/10

This book was sweet, sexy, and laughs all rolled up into one. I related to Presley and others with in the story. I also must say that I cannot get enough of the Circle B Ranch. After the Bishop boys, and this book, I need to hang my hat up with it. So to speak.
If you didn’t catch it before, Kennedy Fox’s new book releases in late April. Check this post out for a beautiful cover! I cannot wait to meet Hunter and Lennon. But I plan to squeeze in another title from my TBR before then.

Since I’m from the south myself, I’ll just say, catch ya’ll next time!


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