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Falling for the Bad Boy 💙||Review

When you think of a ”bad boy”, you see tattoos, piercings, and most likely muscles. That’s Ethan Rochester. What I personally didn’t expect was that he is a potter. After reading a bit into his first chapter though and really visualizing that stereotype guy with his hand molding clay, it’s actually hot! The authors do an amazing job of giving you the mystery vibe when he first meets Vada.

Vada Collins is a writer who’s recently booked an Airbnb in Ethan’s town of Charleston, SC. She talks about the fact that Charleston is massively different then what she’s used to in Chicago, IL as soon as she steps into her Uber. Which, if you’ve ever been south, that’s obvious but I’d take that setting over a big city any day! Little does Vada know, the owner of the guesthouse she’s rented for the week is our handsome Ethan.

My Rating 9/10

I only gave this a 9 because I didn’t expect it to hit me in the feels when you hear Ethan’s backstory. But the story itself is beautiful. I love that she’s a writer. Something else I also loved are the children’s names in this book. Super cute with a lot of unique!

Up next I’ll be taking on Falling For The Playboy! And I can’t wait!


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