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Keeping Him ❤️||Review

[Disclaimer; this is the fourth book in the “Bishop Brothers Series” by Kennedy Fox. You can read these as standalone’s but to follow the characters history, I recommend starting with Taming Him. Click here for my review to the first book!]
(This is not my creation, but I love it so much!)

Jackson Bishop. A southern man who believes he is Gods gift to women. Honestly, I’m not exaggerating! Jackson is the 100% opposite to his identical twin brother, John. One thing Jackson can do is train horses like no other. In fact, he runs the riding lessons at his families ranch that are offered to the guest who stay in their B&B. His reputation isn’t known by that though. It’s known by how many women he’s had in his bedroom.

Kiera Young was Jackson’s best friend growing up. They know everything their is to know about each other. You’d think Kiera would be one of Jackson’s first “conquest”. That’s a negative. For years the two have harbored feelings for each other. Something they’ve never had though is the courage and confidence to tell one another. Kiera is so blinded, she doesn’t believe Jackson’s feelings for her are real. So like any other woman would do, she tries to move on with her life. Unfortunately that leads her into the Bishops equestrian vets arms, Trent Laken.

My Rating 10/10

Honestly, a ten doesn’t even fill the amazing-ness that is this story. I was hard stuck on Evan Bishop’s story, which I won’t lie, he is still in close running with Jackson, but not as sexy. I cried, got highly pissed, and had a drink of whiskey with Keeping Him. I’d do it all over again too!

Praise to the Author’s

The duo that is Kennedy Fox, are two amazing ladies that I now feel like are my friends. (Even though I’ve never actually met them.) I’ve spoke with both Lyra and Brooke and they’ve been nothing but sweet. I will forever be a fan. I have ordered their Bedtime Series, which I plan to review for you guys ASAP! Seriously though if you haven’t, go follow their social media pages! (Instagram) Read their books! Their amazing!

Up Next

As I stated above, I do plan to read their next series but until then I plan to squeeze in a couple books from my TBR pile. Seriously though, I don’t know how I’ll move on from these Bishop men… book hangover times one thousand here!


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