“The Book Made Me Do It..”

We all enjoy reading for many reasons, some different then others. Believe me when I say I love a good romance story, erotica, or young adult novel. Theres nothing better than getting lost in a world full of characters that are falling in love, or saving the world. Honestly though I can’t turn down a good book with a lesson, or motivational message behind it.

In moments when you feel your lowest, at least for me, I love going off by myself and reading. It’s the means to escape that intrigue me. Even if it means it’s a sad story. If I can leave my problems for just a few minutes, it is almost guaranteed that I will come out happier on the other side.

I may sound like I’m rambling. Trust me this post sounded perfect in my head. At this paragraph I have erased and rewritten a thousand times now to make it more organized, yet it still seems jumbled.

My point is, if you feel down about something and you just want to get away. Pick up a book. No matter the genre, whether it be one I listed above, or even a history book! Just read for one hour and I guarantee your mood will be different. If not, then reading isn’t for you and that’s okay. You can always listen to an audio book.

Books can help fight depression. Who knows, maybe you’ll read a book about a woman who finds herself in her career and moves on to the life she always dreamed of because she set her mind to her goals. (Okay thats a book I’d love to find right now for myself because of my current situation in life. But still…)

I encourage you to read. Try one chapter of a book you’ve meant to start, then come back to me and let me know if it improved your mood and helped you escape your troubles. I can almost bet it will!

[Disclaimer: I am no professional with it comes to facts on mental health. This post is merely the opinion of your average bookworm.]