Chasing Him💛||Review

[Before I begin this review I want to let anyone who may not know, know that this book is the third in a series. You don’t have to read them as a series but the characters do intertwine. To view my review on the first book Taming Him click here.]
[I did not create this aesthetic. But its so fitting for the story I had to show you guys!]

Just when I thought Evan Bishop’s story was my favorite out of this series, I met John Bishop. He is one of the twins in the Bishop family. Unlike his brother he has a reputation for being quiet and smarter in a lot of senses. He runs the bed and breakfast on the Bishop ranch. Sleeping around isn’t something you would think of with John in mind.

So you can imagine the day a baby shows up on steps of the B&B, everyone was shocked to say the least. If you read Needing Him, you see this scene begin at the very end of the book. Trust me thats not giving away anything to Evans story either. Everyone who is in this scene’s first assumption is its Jackson’s. John’s twin brother. Yet there is a note attached to the car seat the baby sits in. After reading it, you learn its John Bishops.

My Rating 9.5/10

Reading Chasing Him I cried and laughed. But I found myself suddenly having baby fever. (Small side note I’m a 26 year old married woman who doesn’t have kids yet. So this isn’t surprising.) I never thought picturing a single dad was hot in the slightest until now. I’m going to blame my weakness for southern men on this one though because honestly, John fits my type as well. Also, I can’t go without mentioning the quirky bickering between John and Jackson. I gave it a 9.5 simply to leave room for growth for the Kennedy Fox duo as authors, but I’m not sure they can get any better!

Oh before I forget, like the last two books in the series. Theres a special lady that comes into the story. Mila Carmicheal. She changes John. After the loss of his babies mother, he doesn’t exactly think he can feel love again. That is until sassy and southern Mila shows up as his new nanny.

Seriously guys, I can’t say it enough! Go read Kennedy Fox’s Bishop Brothers series. Actually read all of their books! They’re the bomb. Yes I just said “the bomb”.

Off to begin Jackson’s story. Somehow I believe I’ll be kicking back with a glass of whiskey as I see what kind of mess this boy has made.


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