Needing Him 🧡||Review

Ladies, let me ask you something. If a 6’3, muscular, southern accent, dirty blonde hair, blue-eyed doctor winked at you, wouldn’t that make you weak in the knees?

Obviously I’m speaking to the single ladies out there, but as a married woman reading about that still gives you butterflies. Evan Bishop is that guy. He’s older and passionate about his career. Ranch life isn’t for him like the rest of the Bishops but he values family so he does help out when he can.

I love this aesthetic, so I had to share it here. ❤

I’ve spoke to you guys about Kennedy Fox books before. If you’ve read my past reviews you know that I’m obsessed with their world. The Bishop brothers series is by far my favorite! In Taming Him, you get a brief glimpse of Evans attitude. What you don’t see much of, is him with a lady.

Then Emily Bell pops into his life around the end of Taming Him for a drunken one night stand. She tells Evan her name is Stella because she wants no ties to him at all. The next morning however, she doesn’t remember Evans name. After calling her best friend they narrow it down between Drew (who is married), Evan, or a couple different ranch hands. Emily believes its Drew which sets her off. Her ex cheated on her, so for what she thinks is Drew, to cheat on his wife she wants to bust him without sticking around. So she steals Evans clothes. One thing leads to another and she realized she can’t get rid of Evan that easily.

My Rating 10/10

This book had me laughing and crying. Honestly there wasn’t a chapter I didn’t like. The ending is beautiful but the ride you get on to get to the end is even better. The ladies that are Kennedy Fox knocked this one out of the water.

Now I’m off to start Chasing Him. Which is a story about John Bishop. The quiet twin. I’ll be back to update once I’m done. But tell me, what are you reading right now? Do you recommend it??


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