Taming Him 💙||Review

I’m no stranger to Kennedy Fox books. The Bishop Brothers series was first on my list to read. But, anytime I find an author that I like, I prefer reading their books in the order they were published. Before I dive any further in I want to explain just who the Bishop Brothers are.

If you plan to read any Kennedy Fox books, or maybe you haven’t , you’ll learn that Courtney Bishop from the first books has four muscular, handsome, southern brothers. Through out the Checkmate Series I got a glimpse of one of the Bishops. Once I got the picture of just how they look I was more then intrigued!

Aesthetic photo I found on Pinterest. It fits the story so perfectly!

In Taming Him, you mean Alex Bishop, the youngest of the brothers. He’s blonde and beautiful. Alex and his buddy Dylan, who works on the Bishop ranch as well, suddenly find themselves on a vacation of a lifetime. Working from sun up to sun down is the ranch life. It’s clear Alex and Dylan rarely get off the ranch, much less out of Texas, very often. Now their two southern boys heading to Key West for two weeks!

On the other side of the country, a bit north in Milwaukee Wisconsin, we met a young lady named River Lancaster. (I’m now obsessed with the name River, for a girl. So the first Abelseth girl will probably be named River.) River is a pediatric nurse. She’s use to working twelve hour shifts on her feet constantly. Its safe to say she doesn’t take many “breaks” for herself either. She’s recently out of a relationship and single! Her bff Natalie has just invited her on vacation to refresh her look on life, so to speak. River finds herself headed to none other then… guessed it, Key West!

My Rating 9/10

[I am changing up my rating system for books this year starting with Taming Him.] My reason for giving it a nine out of ten was that I did predict a couple things that happened throughout the book, but there were events I didn’t expect. I’m pleased, honestly. Plus, the Bishop boys are my type all the way. (Besides my husband of course.) I like ’em Southern. It’s my numero uno weakness!

I cannot wait to dive into Needing Him (Bishop Brothers novel #2) and report back to you guys. See you again soon with another awesome review!


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