Who doesn’t love Dolly Parton??

Everyone knows who Dolly Parton is. In her career she’s become a legend to the point you just know her no matter if you like country music or not. I, myself, grew up loving Dolly. Luckily, I live two hours from her hometown of Sevierville Tennessee. The first time I ever went there, I was in love. So when I heard that Netflix was doing an adaptation of the book Dumplin’ I was all in. 

Okay, let me be honest, I haven’t read the book Dumplin’, but if I’d have known what it was about I would have defiantly gave it a shot. Which I still might after watching this movie. Dumplin’ follows the story of a young girl named Willa Dean Dixion. Willa Dean isn’t your typical skinny girl. She’s bigger boned as I like to say. Her mom is a beauty pageant queen. Basically the exact opposite body type of Willa Dean. When she was younger, Willa Dean’s aunt Lucy gave her the love that is Dolly Parton. 

Artwork for Dolly Parton and Sia’s “Here I Am” single.

As I was saying in my first paragraph, I love Dolly to. She’s a wholesome, sweet, honest, and confident woman. She isn’t afraid to be herself. Nor does she change how she is to please anyone else. Which is exactly the kind of story Dumplin’ is. You walk along side Willa Dean as her an a group of friends prove a point that pageant queens shouldn’t all be skinny because that doesn’t define beautiful. You don’t have to be skinny with clear skin and blonde hair to be considered pretty. That exact thing is disgusting. 

I give Dumplin’ a 5/5 because the message is beautiful and the actresses are amazing. I’ll definitely be reading the book now thanks to this. Any girl out there who’s feeling down about her looks should give it a shot because it will literally just make you feel good. 

Until Next Time..