The story of Mowgli..

We all know the story of The Jungle Book following a small boy named Mowgli who was born to parents killed by the vicious tiger Shere Khan. Netflix recently dropped another version titled Mowgli.

This particular movie goes a bit darker then the Disney version. Mowgli is taken in by a pack of wolves after his parents are killed in the jungle by Shere Khan. A tiger who is killing mans cattle, and making it harder on the other animals who occupy the jungle, to live in peace. Once he becomes a boy, no longer a baby. Mowgli is taught the ropes of becoming a member of the wolf pack. The pack has its own watchers though. A big bear that goes by the name Baloo and a black panther named Baghera. Both teach Mowgli everything they can before the day arrives that he is to compete with the other young wolves to enter the pack. 

Watching this movie, I knew there wouldn’t be any “bare necessities” to sing to. But with the character line up I had to give it a shot. Christian Bale voices Bagheera and Benedict Cumberbatch takes on the role of Shere Khan. In the end though, Mowgli is reminded he is just a human boy. Yet, he is still a friend of the jungles. 

I give the movie a good 4/5 because the story has been done before. I am, however, always up for a darker version to any story such as this one. Definitely give it a shot, but set your expectations lower then what the live action Jungle Book gave us. Also the set is beautiful. Just look at this photo!

Until Next Time..