This is Beautiful 💜

||Disclaimer: This is the 6th book in Kennedy Fox’s Checkmate series. You can read this one and the fifth book as a set but I recommend starting with This Is War. This does contain spoilers to the 5th book.||

Kayla Sinclair and Logan Knight have consumed 70% of my life the past two weeks and I can say I’m not upset about that one bit. Each Kennedy Fox book I’ve read thus far has not disappointed me. In the beginning, I did have doubt but that quickly changed.

In this particular story, we witness the love between hunky Logan Knight and gorgeous Kayla blossom. You witness some life changing events that seem like it could break them. Honestly for a while through the book I was convinced it would! The ending made me smile so much!

Following these two love birds really does give you a sense of what true love should involve. Which is you love each other through your best and worst no matter what it feels like the end game will be. Never give up because if its meant to be things will for out.

||My Rating||

Sex 4.5/5

Story 5/5

Overall 5/5

Why?|| I rated this a 4.5 for the sex because reading one scene I felt uncomfortable. Its meant to be that way, but I for sure wasn’t prepared. The story, as I said above, is beautiful! So naturally I’m rating this a 5 because the small scene I felt weird about is out weighed by the story!

Next, I’m going to dive into Sarah Maas’s Throne of Glass series because I’ve heard so much praise for the recent and final installment.