This is Dangerous ❤️

||Disclaimer; This Is Dangerous is the 5th book in the Checkmate series by Kennedy Fox. It is the first in the duo of Kayla and Logan’s story. It can be read alone but to get the full extent of each character I suggest starting with This Is War. Check out my review for it. Otherwise, this one does contain spoilers.||

That “hot cop fantasy” definitely related to Courtney and Drew’s story This Is Reckless ❤️ & This is Effortless ❤️. But with Kayla an Logan, it’s like a different level. Logan Knight is a detective. Kayla Sinclair is a interior designer and animal shelter volunteer. The two of them being a match doesn’t sound quit right by those descriptions but honestly fate keeps guiding them back together.

If you read the last book of Courtney and Drew’s story (or even read my review) you’ll know that Kayla recently found out that Logan had been talking to a girl named Skylar. In the beginning of This Is Dangerous you learn Skylar is in fact a girl. His little girl. Mr. Knight has a daughter. He has kept that part of his life separate from his dating life to the point he believed he shouldn’t date in fear of his ex taking his daughter from him.

Now that Kayla’s in his life and isn’t leaving, things may have finally changed for our handsome detective. As for Kayla, she may finally have a man to keep her company and not be so lonesome.

As per my usual rating for this genre;

Sex 4/5

Story 5/5

Overall 4.5/5

Details behind my ratings| For me the sex was lacking a bit in this one. It was definitely hot but… I could just be needing a break from the series. The story was good and obviously at the end it’s better. I can say I’m excited to read the next one!

Up Next- I said at the end of the last review that I would take a break from the series so I don’t burn myself out. But who am I kidding?! I’m at the last book in the Checkmate series so I might as well finish it!


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