This is Effortless ❤️

||Disclaimer; This is Effortless is the 4th book in Kennedy Fox’s Checkmate series. It is also the second book in the story for Courtney & Drew. This story can be read as a duo. If you want to start there, I recommend reading my post for This Is Reckless. If you’d want to start at the very beginning, take a look at my post for This Is War. In other words, this will contain spoilers for both!||

Oh Kennedy Fox! They sure know how to suck you into some sexy stories with amazing twist. This being my second character story and my fourth book, I can say I was on edge the whole time. Going through the beginning with Drew and Courtney in the first two books involving Travis and Viola was fine. Now reading a more in depth to just what exactly happens to these two. Oh how I wish you could hear me state this because I cannot write enough to show you guys just how I felt.

In the first book, This is Reckless you see the beginning of Courtney and Drew’s relationship. It goes from mediocre to “should we really be doing this? yes because if you love one another you stick it out!” At the end of the book before you see the drama that Drews ex brings into the story. This honestly was my favorite part because it had me on edge! Even up to the end when you see it come full circle you’ll be gasping for your breath.

As per my usual rating for this genre;

Sex 5/5

Story 6/5

Overall Uh-Mazing

Details behind my ratings| The sex is always good. No questions. The story here is what had me going. It was breath taking, scary, and perfect! I really think Kennedy Fox out done themselves with these two characters. (I say only four books into their entire world..)

Up Next- I will be slowly diving into Kayla (who you meet more in this book) & Logan’s interesting story. I cannot wait. I’m going to attempt reading two books at once. It’ll be a slower process for me, but I cant give these books up yet no matter how much I want to knock down more of my TBR pile. Surely you other book worms know what I’m saying. Anyway, talk to you guys again soon!


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