This Is Reckless ❤️

||Disclaimer; This is the third book in the Kennedy Fox CheckMate series. Spoilers may come up for the first two books. It can be read as a standalone duet, but you’ll learn characters better if you start with “This Is War“.||

After reading the first two books, I can tell you I was pumped to read about Drew and Courtney. A romance that is hinted at through 99% of Travis and Viola’s story. You see how Courtney Bishop, VIola’s best friend, has a major crush on Viola’s brother. To me it seemed like something that will never go anywhere.

This is Reckless cover

This Is Reckless covers Viola’s brother, Drew Fisher. Drew’s recently on the outs with girlfriend Mia Montgomery. He’s recently found a new roommate in Courtney Bishop. Courtney was suppose to return to her hometown in Texas after the past year was up. When she told her father she refused and planned to stay in California, her father stopped paying for her apartment. This left Courtney to fend for herself. Luckily she’d just gotten a job working for Travis King, and since Travis no longer lives with Drew she also found someone who is in need of a roommate.

This is Reckless 1I’m going to be frank here. Do any of you ladies have a hot cop fantasy? Well look no further! You can definitely live that out with Courtney. So now I bring you my rating system.

Sex 5/5

Story 4.5/5

Overall 5/5

Explanation for Ratings| The sex in these books has never been anything but good. The story I did judge but with the past two books, it just keeps progressing in the right direction. Overall, I’d recommend it to any of my lady friends. Pssht! What am I saying? I already have!

This is Reckless 3On to Courtney & Drew part 2! Then, I think I’ll try to finish a different book for you guys before I end up reading all of these books.



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