This Is Love ❤️

||Disclaimer:: Spoilers (slightly) of Books 1. This is the review for Book 2. Please go back and read my review titled This Is War!||

Boy oh boy, where do I start?!

This is Love is the second book in the CheckMate Duet series from Kennedy Fox. If you read my last review you know these books are definitely for adults. I’m sure the cover tells you just that. I’m normally not one to read books such as these at all, but I can say after finishing this one I’m obsessed with the series.

My review of This Is War was probably the pickiest review I’ve ever done. Please do remember it was my opinion. After this book, my view of this series has changed!

In This Is War we met Travis King and Viola Fisher. The two that notoriously hated each other. By the end of the book, the two had been together more ways then one. Viola went off to a job offer she received, but little does Travis know. She won’t be away for much longer. There is a very cute reason as to why.

This book made up for every small thing I disliked in the first one. I actually fell in love with the way the story goes. The sex is wonderful but I like how these two ended up.

Just like the last I’m going to stick with the same rating system.

Sex• 5/5

Story• 4/5

Overall• 4/5

Rating Explanation| The story definitely picked up for me. I’m very invested in the characters now, sex life aside. As I stated in the first review, I’m crazy picky when it comes to these types of books. This one is winning me over.

Now on to what seems to be Drew and Courtney’s story!! 😍