This Is War

This is a book review for the first Kennedy Fox duet series CheckMate Book 1. This review is definitely for a more mature audience aka women who like descriptive adult books. Do you see what I’m getting at? I hope so. Let’s say Rated M.

I ran across Kennedy Fox books on Instagram actually and after doing some research I can see why women love them.

What I can say is I didn’t expect it to be so sexual. Within the first book you meet two characters Travis King and Viola Fisher. Two people who met as kids and have created a love/ hate relationship with one another.

Travis King is your typical ladies man. He’s cocky. Self confident. He’s the type to bring home a different woman every night and not thing twice about her the next night when he’s emerged in another woman. (Yes I did mean to type that just the way it sounds.) Travis is covered in tattoos but works a suit an tie kind of job. You learn just how he makes his way through that job too!

Viola Fisher is basically all of us bookworm girls. The one thing she has that most of us don’t is a banging body. When she was younger, Travis actually was her neighbor. They were fast friends until one day Travis ruined it. That didn’t stop him from becoming Violas brothers best bud. Drew and Travis actually live together. In this particular story Drew goes off to visit his girlfriend Mia. Viola is unable to stay on campus and her brothers place isn’t far. (Can you see where this is going?) Viola rooms with Travis for the weeks of Drew’s absence. It’s no secret there’s some sexual frustration with her and Travis. In fact you can see it coming from a mile away!

I’m going to have to give this book a different type of rating system considering the genre.

Sex• 5/5

Story• 2.5/5

Overall• 3/5

Explanation|| The story was very predictable, which in the case of these types of books is okay to most. For me, I prefer uniqueness because of the simple fact all of these stories are the same. The sex scenes are wonderful ladies. To keep it classy that’s all I’m going to say there.

I do plan to read the second part because this one does leave you with a cliff hanger. So stay tuned!


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