Becoming an Abelseth

Wow, so I got married!

I don’t know of any other way to start this out. Yes I’ve deleted and retyped the beginning a billion times. I can now answer questions that some girls ask.

“Is a whole wedding worth it?” “Should we really go all out?” Its simple! Yes! Do as much as your budget lets you do. My advice is, yes plan how you want everything, but don’t take offense if something goes a bit different then you had planned. Every bride I’ve asked has had at least one thing they say they’d change about their wedding. So don’t stress because it is a big moment but really have fun with it.

My wedding day was stressful in all accounts, but I wouldn’t change any of it. Literally there were moments the whole room laughed and that is exactly what I wanted.

So Hows Married Life?- says literally everyone..

For one, I cant tell you how sick of that question I am. Just because thats exactly what everyones said word for word. So, to answer, we’re fantastic. Honestly though we’ve been together for 8yrs now, going on 9, so we couldn’t be much different could we? I can say were both happy as ever. If you disregard the part where work/real life came back and slapped me in the face full force. Thats just life though. Luckily I’m getting back to where I was.

I’m getting use to a new last name, and he’s getting use to a new ring. Married life is beautiful. We are trying to save now as hard as we can for our own house. You guys are going to get a kick out of this. We want a tiny house. After researching it all thats what we’ve decided on. Its going to be such a fun adventure. I do plan to update you guys when this takes place because honestly who doesn’t want to see a tiny house?!

Anyway I did promise you guys pictures from my wedding so heres a few of my favorite shots!





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