Folklore and Why I Love It..


•the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth.

I’m sure your wondering now why I didn’t name this section mythology. Well to be honest the creatures I plan to research fall under both mythology and folklore. I prefer the folklore side as I love to learn what different cultures perceive these creatures as. With these stories being passed from generation to generation it’s amazing how they change. It may be the color of the creature or how they act. The stories never seem to stay to what they first were.

That’s why I’m doing this though, to share with you all the quirks and different parts of these stories. Maybe you too will find your love in folklore.

One thing I will be asking you guys is what you love about it. Share with me your favorite creatures or stories that are legendary. What do you love hearing? Leave it in the comments below. I plan to bring you stories you’ll love reading!

First on my list is Mermaids by anonymous voting! Stay tuned to see if Ariel is as you pictured and what she’d really have been like in real life!

Until next time…


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